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Echha Joshi a registered yoga teacher and a clinical nutritionist

My Method - Based on the 4 stages of Nutrition Care Process

“There is no magic pill for chronic disease – but there is a magic ingredient: food. Say goodbye to the band-aid solutions of modern medicine and watch your chronic conditions fade away by nourishing your body with the healing power of food”

Step 01

Nutrition Assessment

This involves collecting and analyzing information about a patient’s nutritional status, such as dietary intake, medical history, and physical examination. This information is used to identify nutrition-related problems and determine the patient’s nutrient needs.

Nutrition Diagnosis

Based on the information gathered during the assessment, the nutrition diagnosis stage involves identifying and labeling the nutrition-related problem(s) that the patient is experiencing. This step helps to clarify the nature and cause of the problem and guides the development of a personalized nutrition plan.

Step 02

Nutrition Intervention

This stage involves developing and implementing a plan to address the patient’s nutrition-related problems. This may include providing nutrition education, recommending dietary changes, prescribing supplements or enteral/parenteral nutrition, and monitoring progress.

Step 03

Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation

After the nutrition intervention is implemented, the patient’s progress is monitored and evaluated to determine the effectiveness of the nutrition care plan. Changes may be made to the plan as needed, based on the patient’s response and progress.

Step 04

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The Latest — Articles


Slide It is not often that you find someone with such profound knowledge of cause, effects, and remedies. Echha not only cures ailments naturally but also focuses on you having a healthy lifestyle. Be it her immunity-boosting ideas during Covid-19, nutrition for kids, energy-boosting ideas, anxiety, and stress management, (to name a few), all are so comprehensive. What’s more important is that most of the ingredients for treatment come directly from our kitchen. — Aparna Bhatt Slide I met EJ through a mutual friend as I had trouble conceiving. I was considering IVF but before that I wanted to give it one last shot. To my surprise, we were able to achieve our health goal within 45 days. I conceived naturally and I'm in the 2nd trimester now. My pregnancy has been smooth so far with no hiccups and I've never felt healthier. Her strict yet flexible meal plans along with focus on yoga and breathing exercises were so helpful in creating the strength and positivity within me like never before. I'm truly grateful to have her with me in this journey. Love you immensely Ej! — Tamanna Sachdeva Slide A dedicated and professional nutritionist who made my life a lot more comfortable and easier. The lifestyle diseases are dangerous and unforgiving for all those who tend to lose preference for self. Simple changes in daily routine and dietary habits helped me reduce my weight, cholesterol and other toxins at the same time elevating mental health, energy levels and happiness. Professional guidance under echha Joshi is recommended for everyone who is looking forward to a fruitful and healthy life ahead. — Udit Gupta

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