Term of services

Terms of Services

  • Diet and supplements are recommended after detailed clinical assessments and analysis of blood reports. We recommend consulting a physician before starting out with any course of treatment.
  • Our courses and programs are based on expert experiences, detailed learning and customer feedback being the most vital part. The clients are requested to thoroughly understand our process, price details, terms and conditions before enrolling in any services.
  • In case of any food allergies or health related concerns while following our diet, we recommend you raise the concern with our nutrition expert immediately.
  • We do not assure any ‘guarantee’ for the achievement of targets, however, based on our expertise and experience one can achieve realistic goals.
  • Taking a break from the diet (except in case of an emergency) in between a session is not encouraged. In case the client fails a given diet in a session, no extension is allowed.
  • If the client does not follow the diet or does not appear for regular consultations within the regular window, the course will lapse automatically.
  • If a follow-up appointment is due, if the client is unable to contact our nutrition expert, missed an appointment, or the nutrition expert was not reachable, we advise the client to immediately call our support to schedule another appointment.